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Are you or your team prepared for the challenge of drilling trouble-free high angle wells? If not the consequences can be severe, which is why Merlin ERD have developed OPAC.
ERD Operational Preparedness
Assessment & Coaching (OPAC)

Assessment Options & Pricing

Assessment Only – $99.00

Engineering Operations Combined



Assessment & Coaching – $299.00

Engineering Operations Combined

OPAC has been designed to provide Drilling Leadership assurance that key drilling personnel, from Driller through to Senior Drilling Engineer and Operations Superintendent have the knowledge required to deliver high angle wells flawlessly, every time. It has been designed by experts to allow individuals or drill team management to be confident there are no significant knowledge gaps that may lead to something being missed at the planning stage or during execution.

From our experience completing drilling problem reviews we find that most major NPT events are the result of something being missed by the planning or operations teams. Risks can be greatly reduced and performance improved by ensuring all key team members are well prepared.

OPAC is not just about testing people, it allows knowledge gaps to be identified and targeted with cost effective one on one coaching from a genuine industry expert or even a training course tailored specifically for your needs. The objective is to effectively bridge the gap in the most efficient way possible.

Learn More About ERD Operational Preparedness Assessment & Coaching (OPAC)
What is OPAC?
OPAC provides an objective view of knowledge & capability in delivering challenging Horizontal, Extended Reach & Complex wells. Relevant for teams or individuals planning or drilling these wells.
Objective assessment of knowledge
Gap analysis on critical operational areas
Detailed report & statistical analysis
Highlights unmitigated operational risk
Coaching session & training options
Certificate of completion with level (no pass/fail)
Pay per use or with subscription options for groups
Studies demonstrate that 80% of high angle well NPT is avoidable. Frequently this is due to personnel being unaware that operational risks are not adequately mitigated. OPAC allows drilling leadership to confirm that team knowledge is appropriate, or identifies specific areas to focus training & coaching resources. Individuals can use OPAC to assess then progress their knowledge towards expert.
OPAC Options

Individual assessment

Subscription Options

Group assessment

Assessment & coaching session

40 randomised multiple choice questions
1 hour session
17 areas of ERD knowledge
3 assessments: engineering, operations or combined
Groups of more than 8 people
Tailored to specific topics
Detailed report with results in-depth analysis
Packages based on number of tests and coaching sessions
Individual assessment tool
Review and one to one coaching with ERD expert
Individual Coaching
Tailored 45 minute session (via Skype, phone or in person) led by an ERD expert
Assessment results review
Focus on development areas based on individual results
Concise “take-away” training material package
50% discount for one subsequent test
Provides one 50% discount for subsequent test
ERD Experts

Industry leaders in ERD engineering and IADC Manual contributing authors, we are driven by continual improvement, developing and sharing the latest innovative drilling technologies.

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Subscription & Group Services


OPAC could be tailored based on your individual or group requirements. Please contact our assessment coordinator via the contact form below or call to find out more.

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