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Merlin ERD & the 2018 World Cup

Merlin ERD & the 2018 World Cup
Merlin ERD


Merlin ERD World Cup 2018 Map

Orange countries represent locations where Merlin ERD have worked.


Merlin ERD & the World Cup


Merlin ERD visited a client’s office in the stunning Pau setting to provide a technical presentation on the benefits of ERD drilling.


Merlin have personnel based in both Perth & Brisbane and have been involved in 34 projects in Australia over the last 10 years. 2018 started with 6 training courses for 3 clients and our expert ERD advisors are currently providing offshore Perth, WA with on site rig support to oversee the drilling of a complex well.

Saudi Arabia

Merlin ERD provided expert support to a client planning to drill a high angle well with 4.5 step-out ratio in Saudi Arabia. Our engineer spent 2 months in the client office, then provided an in-house ERD training course for the drilling crew finishing with our highly skilled ERD advisor mobilised on the rig to ensure the complex drilling operations went without any unplanned events.


Merlin ERD have worked in Egypt on many occasions over the years, we have provided an ERD office engineer to support a client on a problem and guideline review for a proposed ERD well. Last year, as part of a Global training contract, our expert trainer provided an in-house ERD training course for a client in Cairo who are planning complex wells.


Merlin ERD visited the carnival city of Rio-de-Janeiro to provide 2 training courses for the engineering and operational personnel preparing to drill an ERD well offshore Brazil.


Merlin ERD were invited to the capital city of Madrid last month to a client’s office to provide a technical presentation and overview of the benefits of ERD drilling.


Merlin ERD has engineering personnel currently working in client’s office in the city of Hamburg completing a problem review of a complex well currently being planned. We are looking forward to supporting this client with future training and on-site rig support to oversee the successful drilling of this well.


Merlin ERD provided an on-site ERD rig advisor to monitor the drilling operation on a complex well with 75 deg tangent offshore Nigeria.

South Korea

Our expert engineering staff visited the clients’ office in Seoul to present a report they had written for an engineering design review of 2 high impact wells.


Earlier this year Merlin ERD provided crew training and engineering support to a client based in the West of England drilling horizontal land wells in a difficult geological setting.


Merlin ERD’s engineers had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Buenos Aires to provide a problem review and feasibility study for a 2,500m horizontal step-out offshore well that a client was planning.


Merlin ERD carried out a problem review on 3km horizontal step-out well for a client in the World Cup host nation. In January 2018 the first ever ERD course was taught in Russian by one of our expert trainers in Moscow, we also provided engineering support and on-site ERD advisors to oversee the drilling of client complex wells.


Our client with their head office in Geneva, Switzerland commissioned Merlin to oversee the planning and drilling of their complex UK Continental shelf wells. This started with an office-based engineer to review the design and has led to rig crew training and laterally ERD rig site advisors on all complex wells. This client has stated they would not attempt a complex well without having Merlin onboard!


In 2013 Merlin were commissioned to carry out a problem review of operations for a client in Copenhagen, the review highlighted the latest techniques in use around the world to reduce risk, improve performance and/or increase contingencies in high angle and complex wells.


Merlin ERD provided engineering support to a client in Tunis on a feasibility study of a high angle sidetrack of a well offshore in the Gulf of Gabès in the Arabic Sea.