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Friday Haggler Competition

Friday Haggler Competition
Merlin ERD

Friday Haggler 5000 LinkedIn Followers Special

The man behind The Friday Haggler, Neil Armstrong, Merlin ERD Engineering Director.

A reminder of last Friday’s Haggler

1. What does the figure below tell you about the most favourable inclination and azimuth to drill?

2. What is the order of stresses in terms of overall relative magnitude based on the rose plot?

3. In what stress regime would this occur?

The Answer

1.  The chart or “rose plot” tells us that drilling horizontally in the direction of SHmax would be most favourable in terms of requiring the lowest MW or rock strength to maintain a stable wellbore. This chart actually shows the rock strength, or more accurately the uniaxial compressive strength (C0) in MPa, required to maintain a stable wellbore, whereas rose plots more commonly show the MW required. However in the context of this question, they are analogous.

2. The order of stresses in terms of overall relative magnitude are SHmax > Sv > Shmin. Actual stress magnitude is shown below.

3. Strike-slip


















Congratulations to Dede Kusmawan for getting the answers correct first, you have won a Merlin ERD baseball cap, notebook, thermal flask and travel adaptor. This will be out for delivery within the next few weeks/month or years. Deda was closely followed by Amer Ali Syed Mohammed.

Big well done also goes to the drilling engineers who got it spot on: Ibrahim Elafify and Farshid Hafezi