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Merlin ERD engineering services include feasibility studies,
detailed design and engineering, problem investigation,
peer review and challenge, rig-sizing and equipment specification,
technical manual supply, update and review.

Feasibility studies accurately determine what is required to reach a prospect from existing infrastructure, assign a dependable drilling radius for field development or identify rig specification.  The latest ERD technologies have dramatically increased drilling capabilities.

Peer reviews of draft programmes can be invaluable at the advance project planning stage as it provides an independent expert review with assurance that key risks are adequately mitigated.  Positive, proactive feedback with expert technical input enables DWOP (drill the well on paper) or pre-spud meetings to complement standard facilitation support.

Problem and post operations reviews provide a positive, forward-looking response with an objective review of data and a recommended solution which is often different from that initially assigned.  Operations are assessed again using ERD methodology and continuous improvement tools to identify areas where revision will prevent recurrence.

Manuals and guideline preparation using field proven methodology describe the approach for planning and drilling difficult high angle wells to assist in sharing standards across teams.  These use learnings from headline ERD projects such as Wytch Farm, Sakhalin and Maersk Qatar as well as others less well known but no less impressive.  They can be re-used frequently – tailored to local challenges and equipment and allow drilling programmes to be abbreviated making them more usable.

ERD practices are not just for ERD wells – transferring this technology to standard directional wells has delivered phenomenal success.  Clients who pursue this strategy invariably end up being best in class.


  • Feasibility check
  • Design optimization
  • Accurately predicting margin between loads and equipment limits
  • Risk mitigation
  • Operating guidelines


  • Merlin ERD's Advisor provided valuable modelling input, optimzing the string design and use of available HWDP to minimize chances of bucking. They were procative and very good at coaching the crew.
  • Very impressive effort congratulations for setting the benchmark so high. Something to aim for
  • The information provided and monitoring of hole conditions by Merlin ERD's Advisor was excellent. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and open communication during our operations
  • We would not hesitate to utilise their services again when there is a requirement and recommend them as a well engineering service provider for extended reach drilling projects.
The longest well in the region was planned with a 3000m high angle section through the challenging granite basement. High torque was expected to limit the length of the 8-1/2” hole section, therefore the well was designed with a 7” liner and a 6” hole section
The unique challenge of drilling with lost returns and a high degree of uncertainty related to predicting T&D.

This uncertainty resulted in unnecessary and expensive contingency in the well design.
Detailed engineering work provided confidence that the 7” liner could be eliminated from the well design.

Rigorous drilling surveillance and the application of drag reduction technologies delivered low friction factors predicted by the engineering work.
(20 rig days) to assist with procedural compliance, crew coaching and hole condition monitoring to ensure friction factors remained below required limits and capturing lessons learned for future wells.
(30 days remotely and 2 days in-house) to provide hind-cast modelling of offset wells to allow accurate prediction of torque and drag. Drill string and running string design, procedure reviews and recommendations on drag reduction technologies and practices.
"Merlin ERD were contracted to provide specialised engineering services for wells that were drilled with horizontal sections of 10,000ft or more and the second longest horizontal laterals drilled in the UAE. We would not hesitate to utilise their services again when there is a requirement and recommend them as a well engineering service provider for extended reach drilling projects.”

Well delivered under budget with additional savings from eliminating the 7” liner and 6” section:

  • $7M cost savings
  • Zero stuck pipe event
  • Refined procedures for drilling with lost returns
  • Optimised use of torque and drag reduction technologies

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