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Leaders of the best performing teams have a long-term view, can tell the difference between value and cost and are aware that education is a journey, not a destination.



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“Literally within days of attending Merlin ERD’s course, I was able to apply what I’ve learnt in the classroom to a problem we faced on the rig, this helped us avoid instability issues. Whilst tripping out, we had a case of tightening hole but the driller continued to pull regardless. To minimise this, I advised the driller to run back in hole and increase the mud weight before attempting to POOH once again. My suspicions of packing-off were confirmed by the presence of a large amount of cuttings in the shakers. Once the hole was cleaned we successfully pulled out of the well with no issues. This course is a great example of back to basics, re-enforcing essential drilling fundamentals.”

Maria Rubio, Drilling Engineer, Occidental Petroleum

“I recommend this course to anyone drilling laterals of any length, not just definitive ERD. Course material is directly from actual events/wells and real data is presented to illustrate the concepts being taught. It corrects many of the common misconceptions and standard practices being misused in many high angle applications and clarifies hole cleaning mechanics & stuck pipe avoidance in such wells; in both drilling ahead and tripping scenarios. It’s valuable training knowledge for drilling personnel at any decision-making level.”

Jonathan Lawley -Senior Drilling Engineer

Training is essential and is the best investment you will make – we’ve found that understanding is a critical success factor in delivering exceptional performance.

Merlin ERD Training will teach you the critical success factors relevant to any high angle well whilst highlighting the root cause of 80% of downhole problems and how to avoid them.  These advanced ERD technologies can be incorporated into standard deviated wells.

Painful experience shows that even the most robust drilling programme can fail through incorrect implementation techniques.  Due to the increased challenges and numerous procedural revisions associated with high angle wells, educating personnel on how to identify issues before they become problems is crucial in delivering a successful deviated well.

Our training can be tailored to include engineering modules, project specific risks, drill pipe management or stuck pipe response.

Merlin ERD has found that training key operations personnel in the latest practices is fundamental in delivering operations excellence.

Multi-well development project from six fixed offshore installations with sub-sea satellite tie-back wells. Challenging high angle hole sections in large hole sizes through unstable shales and depleted zones prone to losses. Drilling performance suffering from multiple lost Bottom Hole Assemblies (BHAs) and significant Non- Productive Time (NPT).
PROBLEM FORMATION, Overcome with ERD Operational Practices
  • Hole cleaning
  • Tripping
  • Casing running
  • Managing wellbore stability and losses
  • Variable drilling practices across assets
  • High turnover of personnel
to assist procedural compliance, provide early warning, then avoidance of approaching problem events and advance crew knowledge.
to deliver objective, consistent high angle drilling best practices.
to highlight high angle drilling risks, provide solutions and up-skill team in latest ERD innovations: 358 delegates, from drill crews to senior management, were taught over 26 courses.
Applied Merlin methodology by working closely with the asset teams to provide:
Lost BHAs
Casing and liners to minimum acceptable depth


First well delivered 80 days ahead of plan
80 days
Estimated cost saving
Reduction in NPT (through trouble interval only)
Sustained performance improvement as illustrated below:
NPT reduction and cost savings are conservative estimates as gains were realised outside the trouble interval


Our team of highly experienced industry experts will share their knowledge and experience of delivering some of the world’s most challenging ERD and horizontal wells with you.

Operations courses normally last three days and are frequently combined with DWOP, pre-spud or team building events which capitalize on having the team together.  Engineering modules covering advance design aspects in ERD can be added.

Course location should be away from the rig to provide the best environment, free of distractions and where practices and challenges can be discussed in detail with experienced personnel who may not have the experience of advanced deviated practices.

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