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Merlin ERD Chairs European Drilling Engineering Association in Stavanger

Merlin ERD European Drilling Engineering Association


Merlin ERD European Drilling Engineering Association

Merlin ERD to Chair European Drilling Engineering Association in Stavanger

Merlin ERD is delighted to be attending the European Drilling Engineering Association (DEA(e)) meeting at Tomax AS in Stavanger, Norway, from 6-7 December 2018.

The DEA(e) is an upstream oil and gas association dedicated to the advancement of drilling engineering technology. Its primary objective is to enable drilling performance improvement by increasing awareness and uptake of drilling technology in the sector, through networking and the sharing of knowledge and experience.

This two day meeting will be Chaired by Neil Armstrong, Merlin ERD’s Engineering Manager, who was selected as the presiding Technical Chairman for this quarterly event.

He said of his role, “I am delighted to be asked to Chair this meeting on ‘Extended reach and frontier drilling operations and technologies’ and I am proud to represent Merlin ERD as a recognised industry leader in extended reach and complex well engineering.”

He continued, “We have been hugely impressed by the variety of submissions and we have put together an exceptionally interesting program, which demonstrates a wide range of technical accomplishments, including some of the most extreme drilling scenarios we have experienced in terms of location and engineering challenges.”

Originally set up as an operations and research forum, the DEA(e) is now considered to be the premier technical forum for European Oil & Gas Operators and Service Providers. Between 40 and 50 attendees will be present at the event, mainly comprising technical specialists and senior Service and Operator personnel.

As access to the world’s known energy reserves is constrained, interest in both exploration and development drilling in remote regions continues to grow. With discussions on topics such as ‘ERD Lessons through the years’ and the ‘Wisting Central II shallow TVD horizontal well’, this meeting looks set to create some inspiring discussion and collaboration opportunities for those involved.