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Accomplished Scottish engineer and Managing Director of Merlin ERD Ltd, Iain Hutchison, a passionate Spitfire enthusiast and pilot, arranged a unique air event at Boultbee Flight Academy, Goodwood Aerodrome last week.

One of the most iconic aircraft, the Spitfire (equipped with a Rolls Royce Merlin engine), played a decisive role during the Second World War.  The flight allowed one lucky accomplice passenger to share the flight experience of a lifetime with a number of spectators at Goodwood on Thursday 28th July.

“It is a privilege” says Hutchison, “to host this special occasion – we depend upon the sharpest brains to continue solving the most demanding technical challenges in drilling and here we can experience the proud lineage of British engineering.  This aircraft secured air superiority for Britain in world war II and was used to train world war II pilots.  We already sponsor Bloodhound SSC, a venture to re-establish UK engineering as world leaders.”

At Merlin we are acknowledged oil and gas drilling experts designing and overseeing drilling operations from our Perth HQ.  This opportunity has been offered to those who are engineering and flight enthusiasts and will be something we continue to support.