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Merlin ERD Limited is the leading independent Well Engineering consultancy, specialising in Extended Reach Drilling (ERD), Complex and High Angle wells. With experience delivering demanding ERD projects from Sakhalin to Australasia, the Middle East, West Africa, the North Sea and the Americas, our clients have enviable access to the latest deviated drilling innovations being implemented around the world.


Whether we’re completing feasibility studies, solving wellbore instability problems, avoiding costly rig upgrades with clever engineering, passing on our experience through our training schools or ensuring trouble free operations, our success is gained through that of our clients.


Recently Merlin ERD’s unique method of applying aeronautical risk management techniques to advanced drilling applications has yielded gains on “standard” deviated wells through the use of techniques developed for record ERD wells. In single well projects this presents itself as reduced problem frequency, whilst multi well projects demonstrate well on well improvements. Both reduce performance uncertainty, increasing the confidence to take on more demanding projects.


We’ll help you unlock your potential, then continually improve.


Services to make your life easier, wells longer in distance and shorter in time.

Latest Training Courses

Critical success factors for planning and implementing ERD Projects



London, UK Open Seat (Full)


Aberdeen, UK Open Seat



22 - 24 September 2015


17 - 19 November 2015


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